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What we look for in our team members.

We look for people who have a strong work ethic, thorough communication and portray professionalism to our clients. Being an automotive or photography enthusiasts doesn’t hurt either! We’re always looking for people who want to better themselves, learn new skills and are looking to work hard while being rewarded for their efforts. 

why work with us?

We’ve built a team of automotive enthusiasts who love photography. We care about going the extra mile, and building strong lasting relationships is at the core of our team. If you’re self motivated, want to get out what you put in, and value being on a team that supports you and encourages you, we think you’d love to work with us! 

McKenna x BFD

What the job looks like.

On a daily basis photographers will show up to the dealership lot, identify all vehicles needing photos, communicate with the dealership staff and photograph all vehicles needing photos. During that time, our Area Managers are on call for support and anything a photographer might need while on location. If you enjoy experiencing a wide variety of vehicles, you’ll enjoy maneuvering and photographing all different types of vehicles throughout the day. 

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Why our team loves working with us.

Read a few testimonials below from some of our team members who have loved working with us. We constantly make it a goal to always be there to help you and answer your questions, while also giving you the freedom to do your work on the field.

I worked at Wallbank, LLC for a little over a year and it was a great work environment. Management was great and easy to talk to, they were always a phone call away whenever I needed help or if I had any questions.
Very fast paced environment so the day just flies by! When I first started I was only photographing one dealer, within two months I was already photographing three dealers. 
You get to photograph and drive some pretty cool cars as well!

I have felt strongly connected with this group of hardworking people. The management strives to make personal connections with everyone, with their best interest in mind, always striving for success. 
Hard work is greatly rewarded, and communication has been key in all aspects of the job. Through showing hard work and determination there has been opportunities to move up in the company. 
Overall, a sense of individualism and strong work ethic will lead to success with this company. It is a fun environment being around the cars and doing photography, as well as working alongside coworkers.

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