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About US

Hudson and Ben both grew up in the small Southern Oregon town of Ashland. Both attending Ashland High School together,  when they turned 16 and started driving, they fell in love with cars. Also having a passion for photography, they combined the two into a business they are still growing today.



Wallbank, LLC has been my life since 2011, and I couldn’t be any more grateful to have the team that we’ve built. This has been rewarding educationally, as a career, and most of all by seeing the growth of our team members. If you feel you’d be a great fit for our team, or if you feel your dealership could benefit from our services, please reach out!

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Whether it’s help getting new clients, bidding competitive projects, or just having someone believe in them. Hudson noticed my photography in high school and together we began providing photography and social media management to car dealerships. Over the years, Hudson has evolved the business into what it is today, and I have since started my own production company that provides photography for automotive manufacturers, clothing companies, publications, and of course, Wallbank, LLC.

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Introducing Scott Bishop


Since meeting Hudson and Ben in 2016, and partnering with Hudson in 2017, I’ve been in every role the company has to offer. I’ve traveled through many states, driven thousands of miles to dealerships and have heavily focused on sustaining client relationships and starting new ones. I currently oversee all of our companies operations and we pride ourselves on being an all hands on deck team. Anything goes to get the job done for our clients, so I’d love to hear from you on how we can help!


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our story

In 2011, Hudson and Ben teamed up to start a small business serving automotive dealerships in a small town in Southern Oregon with photography and online marketing. Going to work was never a chore, both being automotive enthusiasts, and the business started to gain traction. 

In 2013, Hudson and Ben moved to California in hopes of growing the business as a career. One family owned car dealership at a time the business grew, and so did the team. Hudson focused on client relationships and running the business, while Ben expanded his automotive photography skills. 

In 2017, Scott Bishop joined the team, and it’s not a coincidence that since then the company gone from less than 20 dealership clients to now working with over 130 clients. Scott went from being a porter at an Audi dealership to now overseeing all of the operations at Wallbank, LLC. 

It may seem that our product is photography and marketing, but really we’re in the service business. This means that our true product is the team we have which currently is just over 65 rockstar employees. We care greatly about providing the very best automotive photography and marketing to the family owned dealerships that we serve, and we thank you for reading our story about our beginnings!

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